Criterion 1

1 1.1.1 Time Table and Teaching Diary07-09-2021 Click Here
2 1.1.2 Academic Calendar of Department of Higher Education and College07-09-2021 Click Here
3 1.1.3 Details of Participation of Teachers in Various Academic Bodies07-08-2021 Click Here
4 1.2.1 University Ordinance for MSc CBCS07-08-2021 Click Here
5 1.2.1 University Letter Stating Implementation of CBCS07-08-2021 Click Here
6 1.3.1 Syllabus including Ethics, Gender etc17-07-2021 Click Here
7 1.3.1 List and description of courses which address the Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability into the Curriculum17-07-2021 Click Here
8 1.3.3 List of Students Undertaking Project Work and Field Work07-09-2021 Click Here